Pet Care Tip of the Week

Pet care tip of the week

For pet owners who are unsure about having a microchip implanted in their pet, please consider the following:

  • A microchip is a permanent form of identification for your animal. Collars with tags can be removed or simply fall off. A microchip, when registered in your name, is irrefutable proof of ownership.
  • If your dog is found and brought to a shelter or veterinarian as a stray, they will be scanned with a microchip scanner. If your dog has a registered microchip, you will be notified and reunited with your lost pet.
  • Certain microchip companies will store your pet's medical history so that if your pet is recovered, proper veterinary care can be provided for your pet for chronic conditions. Without this information, a veterinarian may not know critical information regarding your pet's health needs.
  • Implanting a microchip is a safe procedure for your pet with no harmful effects.

A microchip is useless without your current contact information registered with the manufacturer! If you have adopted a pet from someone who had them microchipped, make sure to have the previous owner contact the company to transfer ownership to you. If you adopted a pet from a shelter or humane society, they probably already have a microchip, and you simply need to register it.